The Projects of Watertown Gardens

Grove Street Community Garden.

This community garden is situated on a parcel leased to us, free of charge, for a period of 9 years by Mt. Auburn Cemetery. This garden has been funded by a Special Project Grant Award from the Harvard-O'Neil Properties Fund, a generous grant from the always supportive Watertown Community Foundation, in-kind contributions from Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the form of many hours of tireless employee contributions (you know who you are!) and the truly inspirational, freely given weekends of Watertown residents.

Arsenal Park Community Garden.

This community garden is built in partnership with the Town of Watertown with support from the Conservation Commission, the Recreation Department, DPW, and the Planning Department. Thank you also to Home Depot in Watertown, MA for their very generous donation of materials to build the raised garden beds. See our plans here. If you'd like to garden with us, please fill out an application.