The Projects of Watertown Gardens

Nichols Avenue Community Garden.

Our first community garden, completed in conjunction with the Watertown Housing Authority, is located at 103 Nichols Avenue. There are 27 plots managed by Willow Park residents and neighbors with common areas that include a lovely pollinator garden, heirloom apple trees, berries and flowers.

Our mission to build community through gardening and our desire to reduce hunger in Watertown has prompted us to donate the produce from this large bed to the Watertown Food Pantry. The bed is tended by volunteers from Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety and East End Gardeners.

Through grants from Watertown Community Foundation and New England Grassroots Education Foundation, Watertown Gardens volunteers and interns have been able to get the children who live in Willow Park into the garden...

...and eating their vegetables.

Grove Street Community Garden.

Our second community garden is situated on a parcel leased to us, free of charge, for a period of 9 years by Mt. Auburn Cemetery. This garden has been funded by a Special Project Grant Award from the Harvard-O'Neil Properties Fund, a generous grant from the always supportive Watertown Community Foundation, in-kind contributions from Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the form of many hours of tireless employee contributions (you know who you are!) and the truly inspirational, freely given weekends of Watertown residents.